On Christmas evening I was exchanging wishes with friends and telling them that it was raining in Munich.

The lyrics “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the one I used to know” came to my mind. This made me joke and I told friends that this year a rainy March was coming before the 25th of December. I had woken up early in order to have a walk in the Schlosspark Nymphenburg. Exactly when I was prepared to leave the house, it started pouring slowly. I made a rich breakfast and enjoyed Christmas with all goodies a friend of mine had packed in a nice present.

And here was my wish fulfilled. I woke up on the 26th and the branches of the trees around the house were powdered with snow. “So, today is the Nymphenburg today, not yesterday!” How perfect everything seems to fit since I ran out of bread and I can have a cake with a coffee in the café at the exit of the park.

On my way I pass by the wine shop close to my place. The oranges I found on its tables mid-December are still there surrounded by snow.


I arrived. I feel I am rushing. I propose myself to enjoy and I slow down my rhythm. It feels different. People around are also slower. It feels better. Trees, people, dogs and wooden cases protecting bushes from cold are coming closer to me. If I accelerate walking, everything moves faster. If I slow down, everybody and everything is more peaceful. How slow or fast would you shoot the film?

I reach to a pond and I decide to go to its left. Three ways open to me and I take that in the middle. “Early birds” are already coming back from a walk or jogging with their red cheeks. The only colour in the infinite white of the park.


I pass a bridge and three ducks have just landed on water. They let themselves flow with the water and just before going under the bridge, they fly and land in the opposite direction. They are training, these small perfectly functioning airplanes.


I love the water being almost at the level of soil. It is so inviting to bathing in and it can so abundantly calm thirst. Soil, snow and water are one surface.


A jogger comes to me and with a Slavic accent asks me to take a photo of him. I take two. He takes postures and moves as if preparing for the biggest football competition. He thanks me, we wish each other a good day and I hear him behind me “Super!“.

I am already in the middle of the park heading to a little hill where kids play with sleighs. To the right, there is an opening in the forest. Everything is so quiet, so white, like a winter picture from the 17th century.


On my way back, I feel my feet wet and I am so happy. It is such a feeling of being in contact with nature instead of living in a protected environment without even understanding winter.

I enter the café on the corner of the street and I order a cappuccino and a Rohrnudeln cake. I notice a man with a white beard. That type that looks like a saint or a wise man. I open my notebook and start writing my ideas. In front of me, a couple. She is talking. The music is loud; however, she has something to complain about. I sense it in the rhythm of her words. I decide to ignore.

I keep on writing and thinking. At a certain moment, I see the wise man leaving, putting a hand on her shoulder and telling her that just because it is Christmas she should enjoy it. I look around. Everybody else is quiet, drinking the coffee, thinking somewhere and enjoying the atmosphere. She raises her eyes and in surprise, notices on the wall something which says: “Wish it, dream it, do it”.

I get curious about what is written behind me. First, I see “KISS ME GOOD MORNING, KISS ME GOODNIGHT” and the first thought that comes to my mind is “who is this?” I laugh when I see “if you want breakfast in bed, you have to sleep in the kitchen”. There are more and my favourite is “I do not look busy because I got it right the first time”.


In the evening, I decide to enjoy Munich in the brewery Wirtshaus in der Au.
I go out and it has just started snowing quietly. It’s a dream and I love walking all the way in the snow. I enter. My glasses get steamed. The brewery is full and I am offered a seat at the bar. I order a Weißbier and I take off my jacket. 0,5l arrive soon in my hands. The bar’s recommendations: Cabernet Riserva 2009 and a wine from Süd Tirol – Alois Lageder. The barmen prepare drinks: a yellow orange juice accompanies in its complementary colour a dark violet wine. The barman asks me if everything is fine and how couldn’t it be? People are celebrating.

The brewery is decorated in red from wine bottles, to Christmas balls and candles.

I am so happy to be here. This year I could not go home since I have to work and this brewery seems the good place to be. At the table next to me there are fifteen people. They give each other presents. A little girl, probably 5 years old has just dropped a snowball on the floor. It has broken in two halves. Now the adults make jokes with each other about slipping the snowball under somebody’s shirt. The little girl goes sitting under the bar. Her father comes to accompany her. Now, they are talking from equal levels. A few minutes later she is on his knees.

I look outside and it stopped snowing. My beer is also over and I ask the barman for the bill.

I go out and I am so happy to see people took snow from the tables around the brewery and played outside. It is a dream to walk in the snow. I go in the middle of the street and keep on “skating” on ice until a car makes itself visible through its lights. On my left side, Deutsches Museum, in front me Volksbad. I pass by the cinema “Museum Lichtspiele” where two guys are cleaning the snow in front of the entrance. I arrive at Gasteig with the Celibidache Forum and go up the stairs. I am finally in the inner court of my building and I am fascinated by the trees full of snow. I want to breathe in the entire air making snow look sugary and soft. In front of the building there is also a Christmas tree. The air is fresh and clean and I feel like staying outside the whole night.

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