Inside the Waterfall’s Secret Ring

On the way back to Reykjavik, we have the great opportunity to see two waterfalls. They say that one of them hides a fabulous treasure. From the time of its burying, the treasure showed itself only once to a little boy. So shortly that he barely had the chance to take a large gold ring. One can see it nowadays in the nearby museum. Afterwards, the treasure quickly withdrew itself in its hiding-place.


Both waterfalls have something unique and magic: they are beautified by rainbows whose colours become more and more intensive to the extent one gets closer to their waters. One waterfall runs even behind two rainbows. Once again, in Iceland colours are given birth in the game of water and light.

Going up on the waterfall’s side, I feel I am followed by the rainbow. To my surprise, it had just closed itself in a circle that only I interrupted. It is a pity I could not take a photo of the circle-rainbow as water drops were strong in this area.


On the same route to the capital, we meet the Eyjafjallajökull volcano which erupted in 2010. Its ashes covered so well the close-by glacier giving it the colour of the volcanic rocks. Only its glittering in the sun helped one realise it was a real glacier.


Just arrived at the hotel in Grindavik, I feel like going again to the Blue Lagoon. After a last relaxing bath on a day without rain, I enjoy once again my way through the lava cobbles covered by mosses, twisting through the quiet bluish water puddles. The air is extremely clean tonight and it smells like sea.

Arriving at the Northern Light Inn, the receptionist asks me what time I have my plane so that she can drive me to the airport tomorrow.


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