Choose your Saga in Reykjavik



Today, it has been again interesting. I went to Reykjavik to visit the Ásmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum and the Art Museum – Listasafn Reykjavíkur. I have been impressed by the Icelandic painting. Colours are vivid and harmonious. Icelandic painters prove a sharp spirit of observation which can be noticed in the drawing manner.

Wandering in the city until the departure time to Grindavik, I entered an art gallery, a rather commercial one. The owner read through my transparent bag the title of a book that I had just bought in a bookshop – “Njals’ Saga”.


With a charming smile, he presented himself as Njal. He had four sons as the saga’s hero and the eldest’s name was Helgi, exactly as Njal’s eldest son. I took my book out laughing and I asked the owner whether he himself was the saga’s real character. He said “yes” laughing and a few seconds afterwords Helgi entered the gallery. I had a pleasant and amusing conversation with the two Icelanders. I should not forget to tell you that during our conversation, Helgi asked me whether I wanted an autograph from the saga’s character and I was, of course, enchanted. Now, the first page of the book reads: “To Roxy, Helgi Njalson”. I was once again amazed with the Icelanders’ spirit and intelligence. In fact, they praise themselves with their constant education from the moment the first people settled here. They say their first teachers were Irish monks which travelled around Iceland and offered people who would host them education for their children. Njals’ grand-daughter studied foreign languages and he knew from her about books comparing different languages and that Romanian is a “lingua latina”.



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